Annalina Scarpetta
I was born on the 15th of February 1938 in Morrovalle, a little village in the Marche region, Italy.  I lived in a farm house until I was sixteen. At that  time there was the  war, and we were very poor. When I moved to Montegranaro my job was in a shoes  factory. I got married at 21, I was very amused, opposite, he was clever  to effort any difficulty of life, smiling end enjoying, so that everything became easy. I have a beautiful memory of him, that is when he brought me a gift wrapped in a lot of paper, and inside there was the card  of my subscription to the communist party!  In 1970 I was elected as  the Trade Union representative. We were 40 women and during the elections I had 38 votes. Now I am retired, I like much cooking and also share my time with other people, I like to travel, to go for a walk,  I also like to attend   meetings about social politics, religion, etc... to be always informed about what is going on in the world.  When I do something I am determined.

Lucia Interlenghi

I was born in  Fermo, on the 8th October 1962.  My father was a barber and my mother was a taylor.  I started studying Law, but at the age of 22 I met the man who became my husband.   He successfully reached the graduation in the Art  Academy and he is now a  very good restorer and decorator, I was a mother instead. Just in 1996 I started again my studies and I took my graduation, I finally do some job as a lawyer, together with teaching Italian to foreign children, which is a voluntary job.
Through the past ten years, my mother and I were taking care of  our relatives. Last year I took care of her.
I believe much in civil commitment, we need real actions which are those that each one of us can do in his/her everyday life.
My hobbies are reading books, and watching films. Writing, has been a wonderful resource to me in the past years.

Eva Alberti
I was born  on January 6th  in Polesio, a little village of  Le Marche region.
After several moves my family took its residence in the suburbs of Fermo, where I grew up.  I gained my degree in  Industrial Engineer that allowed me to  find a job in the State Railways, where I worked for 23 years. I am now retired.
I got married twice, and got three children. Now  that they have grown up and I can find time enough to dedicate to the autobiography and to social activities, I  have time for my spiritual life, taking care of myself as a person and looking with confidence my future. I loved much politics and the role of trade union, but I had so much disappointment…  I was a part of the feminist movement.  I like to read, cook and listen to the music, go to the cinema and speak with other people. Friendship is at first place of my life.
The writers  that I like much are Doris Lessing,  Nadine Gordimer, Natalia Ginsburg, Nathalie Sarraute and Betty Friedan. I love poetry and art in all their expression. I am curious, sensitive and arrogant.
My motto  is : “Thinking great and act small”, what I am thinking at the moment is: “I totter, but I dont’ leave”.

Clara Clementi
I was born  on 29th april 1948 in Tripoli, Libya and lived there until  23rd December 1969.  Degreed in Book Keeping and my first  job was as Reservation sales agent for T.W.A  in Libya.  I am able to speak English, a little French and Arabic.
I lived then for 28 years in Siracusa – Sicily, were I worked in a Chemical Factory (ENI group) as a secretary and interpreter for manager director of the firm.
I got married at the age of 30 and I have two children.
In 1992 I moved from Sicily to Le Marche region. I live now  in a farm house with my husband , 3 dogs and one cat. I spend my time after my house duties, to write, read and meditate. But also singing and acting are my favourite activities.
I really like to get to know people, the way they live, the way they cook, what they enjoy doing etc.