Emblema/Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms exercise is an easy format for a large group to get to know each other in a relatively short time. Because of the set questions and the visualisations, it is also handy for multi-language groups.

- Draw a coat of arms and divide it into 5 parts;
- Put your name and nickname above it;
- On each of the five parts draw or describe in words:  your Hobby, Something you are good at, your Motto in Life, your Job and Something that others don't know about you (and that you do want to share with this group);
- On the bottom describe or draw  your Last success.

Take only 2 minutes to do this and then present it to the others in 1 minute.

Dineke learnt the exercise during a workshop in Krakow, Poland. It was a Learning Partnership called “Pro Spectatore”.


Foto di Jenny Wesly